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Tue Aug 21 12:26:57 EST 1990

Dear colleagues:

I am posting the response to my quest for commercial sources of stereo-
glasses in case someone else is interested:

Thanks again to those who took the time to answer.

From:	IN%"MELAN at WFEB2.BITNET" 21-AUG-1990 12:41:44.41
To:	rdonis

        Stereo glasses of various types are available from:

                Ted Pella, Inc
                P.O. Box 510
                Tustin, CA  92681
                (800) 237-3526

        Melissa Melan
        Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology
        Shrewsbury, MA

From:	IN%"POSTMASTER at GUNBRF.BITNET" 21-AUG-1990 10:15:59.17

You might try Edmund Scientific they usually have a pretty good selection
at reasonable prices.
GARAVELLI at GUNBRF.BITNET          Dr. John S. Garavelli

From:	IN%"rec at" 20-AUG-1990

Try Edmund Scientific Co., 101 E. Gloucester Pike, Barrington, NJ 08007-1380,
609-573-6250 or 609-547-3488.  In my 1989 catalog on p 144 there are

	2x stereo viewer J42,118  $44.95
	4x stereo viewer J42,651  $54.95

Clearly some pretty high quality stereo viewers.  I actually got some cheaper
ones from Edmund by buying some books of stereo aerial photographs which
included viewers.

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