Membrane proteins

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Fri Aug 24 09:29:53 EST 1990

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>If there is anyone out there in netland who has worked with membrane
>proteins (esp. in assay situations), PLEASE, I NEED HELP AND LOTS OF

I've gotten lots of replies to my query and I would like to thank all who
have answered my plea for their generosity.

I guess I should have been more detailed about what I am interested in.  I
am working with c-fos in rat brains.  I have been using an ELISA assay,
which I haven't had too much trouble with, however I have been having
difficulties finding detergents that will either not interfere with the
ELISA or that are easily removed.  References and, of course any hints and
advice, will be happily received.

Thanks again.

Joan Shields
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