Lysine-specific protease

Goldsmith GOLDSMIT at hujiagri.bitnet
Sun Jun 24 05:27:00 EST 1990

Dear fellow researchers,
  I am looking for a protease specific for the AMINO side of Lysine residues.
There is a protease in the literature from Amarillia mellea (or something
like that) which is supposed to have this specificity.  Does anyone know if
this is available commercially?
  I have also heard a rumour that the Grifola frondosa metallopeptidase
sold by Sigma and other companies has Lysine-N specificity.  Can anyone
confirm this?
  Finally, I would appreciate any tips from anyone with hands-on experience
using either of the above enzymes, or any other enzyme with similar
    Jonathan Marder,
    Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture.

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