Acidity (and other properties) of amino acids

Dr David L Dowe dld at
Sat Aug 24 00:43:15 EST 1991

I have heard that one of the main properties of amino acids in determining
(local, secondary) structures of proteins is the acidity of the relevant 
(and near-neighbour) amino acid(s).   I would be interested in a reference
as to where I might find the pH's (or any other measures of acidity) of the
amino acids. 
   I would also welcome other properties of Amino Acids (and references to
where I can see these properties, and their values for the AAs, stated) which 
people feel are important/relevant in determining protein structure. 
(Feel welcome, if you like, to state them in decreasing order of importance, 
most important first). 

Thank you. 

Yours sincerely, David Dowe. 
                 Dept of Computer Science,  Monash University,  Clayton, 
                 Victoria 3168, Australia   (CSnet:) dld at 

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