Kabsch and Sander algorithm

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> I am looking for a computer program done by Kabsch and Sander, that is
> used to recognize protein secondary structure features (alpha helices, 
> beta sheets) given the x-ray coordinates of the residues.  Is this 
> available via ftp anywhere?

   No, it is not available by ftp.  Dr. Sander wants you to sign a licence
agreement before he sends you this program.  His postal address is:

      Dr. Chris Sander
      BIOcomputing, EMBL
      D-6900 Heidelberg

His e-mail address is "SANDER at EMBL.BITNET".

   The Kabsch and Sander program is written in Pascal, and hence is of no
use if you don't have a Pascal compiler.	

   There is a later program of this type by Richards, Kundrot, and Kahn,
called DEFINE_S [discussed in Proteins 3: 71,84 (1988) - Identification of
Structural Motifs from Protein Coordinate Data: Secondary Structure and
First-Level Supersecondary Structures].  DEFINE_S is written in FORTRAN;
unfortunately, it is VMS FORTRAN; and it uses the UGSYS graphics library.
I have ported DEFINE_S to the Silicon Graphics IRIS 4D.  

   DEFINE_S also requires you to sign a licence agreement.  Write to:

      Art Perlo
      Yale University Center for Strucural Biology
      Room 200 KBT, 260 Whitney Ave. 
      P.O Box 6666
      New Haven Connecticut 06511

or send e-mail to "PERLO at YALEVMS.BITNET".  I can send you my SGI version, 
but only if you get the licence from Yale first.

				Mark Israel
I have heard the Wobble!	userisra at mts.ucs.ualberta.ca

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