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In article <9103202154.AA20653 at gcg.com> dkatz at GCG.COM (Don Katz - Genetics Computer Group) writes:
>> There is a tabulation in Nucleic Acids Research 14:r151-r197, 1986, which
>> includes quite a number of species.  I am not aware of any update on that
>> tabulation.
>Most recent tabulation is Wada et al., Codon usage tabulated from the
>GenBank genetic sequence data. NAR 18(suppl):2367-2411, 1990

To refresh our network memory, Mike Cherry has a more recent set of codon
tables for 50 species available in useable, electronic form.  Try anonymous
ftp to:
frodo.mgh.harvard.edu                   Codon usage tables for all major species                          (GCG format)
( [.codon] )

Contact: Mike Cherry*, cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu

-- don

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