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Prion Digest                Sat, 30 Mar 91       Volume 1 : Issue   3 

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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1991 18:09:19 WET
From: swansonc at (Chris Swanson)
Subject: Fwd'd reply
To: prion

Enclosed below is a forwarded response to the NA query in the last issue.
> > To: Prion-request at
> > Subject: Re:  Prion Digest V1 #2
> > Resent-To: prion
> > 
> > we've been looking for nucleic acid in prions for 2 or 3 years
> > basicly since there doesn't seem to be any compelling evidence
> > that prions are unusual.  When we look we find that there is
> > enough nucleic acid for there to be a copy or two of a decent
> > sized nucleic acid for each infectious unit.  Dr. Prusiner's
> > lab has published similar quantitations recently in the Journal
> > of General Virology.  The trouble is as of yet there is no
> > published evidence for any specific discrete nucleic acid that
> > consistently occurs in "prions", and that will take a while to
> > find and prove.  we have our own ideas like many other labs
> > why this is true.  we have some unproven candidate nucleic 
> > acids that we are checking out, but this takes quite a bit of
> > time.  
> > 
> > The other camp is gathering momentum for the absence of an
> > essential nucleic acid and this is best discussed in News and
> > Views type articles that have just come out in Nature and Science.
> > 
> > Steve Wietgrefe   U. of Minnesota
> > 
> > ------- End of Unsent Draft
> > 


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