protein design using computational methods

Maximum Slackness sjhg9320 at
Thu May 16 22:42:52 EST 1991

I'd kill to PostDoc in a protein lab where I could spend 50 hours a week
at the bench and 30 at a Computer. The people I am familiar with
that take a genetic approach are all Computer-innocent and the few
computationally oriented people I have discussed the problem with
are completely ignorant of the biology (e.g. Post-Translational Processing).

At any rate, there is no way predictive, general models can be made
until the biologists nail down considerably more of processing and assembly
pathways of proteins and get a better handle on how different cytosolic
proteins interact with each other and how membrane associated proteins
interact with their attendant lipids (once they determine local 
membrane assymetries for each individual protein.)

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