3D Coordinates of Proteins (access to)

Mike Sloderbeck sloderb at mailer.cc.fsu.edu
Thu Nov 7 17:25:19 EST 1991

I am interested in obtaining some (fairly) recent entries in the
Brookhaven Database.  I have in my notes the existence of a mail-server
at EMBL that sends coordinate files.
The ftp server at irisc2.chm.bnl.gov does not mention any distribution
sources other than mag tape.

Is there a USA mail-server for coordinate files?
Or, better yet, an ftp site for coordinate files?

Mike Sloderbeck
sloderb at mailer.cc.fsu.edu

Mike Sloderbeck,  FSU Department of Biological Science
sloderb at mailer.cc.fsu.edu

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