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Wed Oct 23 13:33:47 EST 1991

>>>>> On 19 Oct 91 19:24:00 GMT, HIDEW at SIMSC.BITNET said:

HIDEW> I am seeking a surface prediction program that will run on VMS or PC or MAC.

HIDEW> preferably the latter. I am aiming to correlate surface predictions with
HIDEW> conservation across taxa.

HIDEW> Any one know of a workable program that will do surface predictions?
HIDEW> (from aa seuqnce of course).

I'm not sure what you mean by "surface predictions", but you may be
interested in a paper by myself, Cyrus Chothia and Arthur Lesk,
J. Mol. Biol. vol. 196, pp 199-216 (1987).  It describes a sequence
template characterizing the globin family which includes some
unexpected conservation rules at surface sites.

I can make the computer program and templates available to you.
They are written in C and, in older versions, ran on a VAX, but
now run on Unix.  They could probably be re-ported to the VAX without
too much trouble, although I understand the VAX C compiler is buggy.

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