proteins and genes for discriminating species..

Thu Oct 17 09:15:10 EST 1991

Dear Netfolk,

There is a new fund and project possibility for our research lab. about
the birds of Turkey.   Since Turkey is on the mid-way of immigrant birds,
possibly this fund/project would be very interesting for other European
countries also..

I am informed to analyze the amino acid/gene sequences of macromolecule(s)
so that we could discriminate and find out the species by looking the

The first molecules that dropped in my brain were CYTOCHROME-C and
HEMOGLOBIN (was that written 'hAemoglobin')
Some specimens will also be collected from the Aircraft bodies/motors..many
birds have air-accidents with planes frequently..:-0

What can you advise me to investigate for species determination by
macromolecule analysis, I mean, which proteins and genes would be the
best and practical??.

Secondly, I do not have experience with PCR.  Do I need a separate "PCR
machine" or just any sterile tube and enzymes (and other chemicals)
will be enough?

If I do need a "PCR machine", can you advise me which would be better and
if possible some avarage prices of them will be appreciated..

BTW, with the help of this project, I can have a good Electrophoresis equipment
:-))  (In the near future i will have a cheapest one..)

Also, it means that many new protein sequences will have a place in
Genbank/EMBL/PIR databanks.. at least I hope so.

Looking forward to hearing advices and suggestions..

suleyman AYDIN (ph.d. student of pharmacology)
 Medicinal Plants Res. Ctr., (Pharmacology Lab.)
 Anadolu Univ., 26470 eskisehir/TURkey
 e-mail: d54 at tranavm1.bitnet
        d31 at tranavm1.bitnet (used for personal communications mostly)

Post Scriptum: I am a subscriber of this list..:-))

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