software to locate given amino acid composition in sequence

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Tue Oct 29 12:31:56 EST 1991

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>> The PEPTIDESORT program (GCG) will predict various proteolytic
>followed by a description of the program and an example.  This is
>a wonderful program, if it works as described.  My question is
>"Are there similar programs which run on UNIX, or on an MS-DOS
>machine?"  If so, where can I find them?  Thanks in advance.

My copy of GCG for Unix just arrived in a big box a couple hours
back.  We've been using the Beta test release of this for a few
months -- it is every bit as good as the VMS version, only much
faster (available for Sun OS, Silicon Graphics Irix, and DEC Ultrix
flavors of Unix).  A fast enough Intel machine running Sun's new
Solaris may also be able deal w/ this version of GCG (that is just
a guess on my part).

This software is a complete sequence analysis packing including
many nucleic acid and protein programs... too much to list.
The unix version cost our university $4000.  GCG can be reached
	email: help at GCG.Com
	phone: 608.231.5200

-- Don
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biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

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