software to locate given amino acid composition in sequence

David A Rintoul drintoul at
Tue Oct 29 11:44:30 EST 1991

hill at writes:

> The PEPTIDESORT program (GCG) will predict various proteolytic
>digests of a given protein along with information about each peptide.
>The information for each peptide is by groups of amino acids (see
>output at end of message), but you could also run the program without
>any enzymes for each possible peptide to get its exact composition.

>Other programs can probably do something similar, but GCG is the only
>one I have "at my fingertips".
followed by a description of the program and an example.  This is
a wonderful program, if it works as described.  My question is
"Are there similar programs which run on UNIX, or on an MS-DOS
machine?"  If so, where can I find them?  Thanks in advance.
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