protein secondary structure database (PSS)

Kay Hofmann KHOFMANN at cipvax.biolan.Uni-Koeln.DE
Fri Oct 4 10:34:03 EST 1991

   A recent paper from H.Suzuki et al. describes a database made from
protein secondary structures which they called PSS.
The citation is:
H. Suzuki, A.S. Kolaskar, S.L. Samuel, J. Otsuka and A. Tsugita
A protein secondary structure database (PSS)
Prot. Seq. Data Anal. 4:97-104 (1991)

The database seems to be constructed in collaboration with PIR as part of a
collection of other databases, described as
- biological activity database
- physicochemical preoperties database
- artificial variant database

Has anybody heard if these databases are already available somewhere?
Many thanks,

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