PIR Computer System

Tue Apr 28 17:36:00 EST 1992

                     Announcement of Restored Service
                   The Protein Identification Resource

The National Biomedical Research Foundation has completed installation of new
computer hardware and full service and database access has been restored for
the Protein Identification Resource Network Server and the On-line System.

The mailer software is still undergoing modification and testing so some
delays in mail response may be expected for the next few days.

We regret any inconvenience this temporary loss of service may have caused.
The new installation will enable us to provide improved user services to a
wider community.
                                 Dr. John S. Garavelli
                                 Database Coordinator
                                 Protein Identification Resource
                                 National Biomedical Research Foundation
                                 Washington, DC  20007
                                 POSTMASTER at GUNBRF.BITNET

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