protein ribbon diagrams

Paul Laub laub at
Fri Apr 10 10:27:24 EST 1992

Dear Fellow Protein Modellers,
	I am interested in generating a Jane Richardson-style ribbon
diagram of cytochrome C including the heme. In the past, with simple
proteins lacking prosthetic groups, I have found ribbon program by
Priestle and Callahan/Gleason/Lybrand (part of QCPE #594) very satisfactory.
However, this program works only with the alpha carbons of the backbone.
	Does anyone know whether modifications of this (or other programs)
exist to handle the heme? I use an SGI Personal Iris 4D25TG with Irix 3.3.

Sincerely, Paul Laub
	   Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia
	   (215) 728-2840/-2748

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