prot-prot binding sites

amolina amolina at es.cica
Wed Aug 5 06:30:15 EST 1992

	Good morning,

	I am fascinated by a point in protein research, unfortunately 
my field of work is not very closely related to the study of proteins
themselves but with the function of one of them.

	I would like to know if there is any sequence, or set of them,
known as a place of binding between proteins. The special case I'm  
interestied on is a membrane protein, four units form an ion channel 
and there are several other subunits that can associate with the pore 
to regulate its function. If there could be any way of looking for a 
sort of consensus sequence of the binding point ...
	If anybody knows a software or any method to look for something
like that (we already know the sequence of the protein), would be fan-

	My e-mail adress is amolina at

		Thanks a lot !!.

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