prot-prot binding sites

Wed Aug 5 12:35:00 EST 1992

If your four-subunit ion channel is anything like a five-subunit nicotinic
acetylcholine receptor, then perhaps the following text from a review
in TiPS August 1992 [Vol. 13] by Changeux et al. will be useful:

   ...and demonstrated that the recognition between subunits takes place
   primarily at the level of the extracellular N-terminal domain [8,9].
   Thus, despite their critical function in ion translocation, the
   hydrophobic uncharged segments seem to play little part in the
   specificity of interactions between subunits.

The references he gave are

8. Gu, Y., Camacho, P., Gardner, P. & Hall, Z.W. (1991) Neuron 6 879-887.
9. Verrall, S. & Hall, Z.W. (1992) Cell 68 23-31.

Good Luck!

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