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Thu Dec 3 02:19:05 EST 1992

In article <9211251824.AA06428 at>, mzhang at XIBALBA.CSHL.ORG (Michael Zhang) writes:
|> Is there any protein or DNA sequence motifs database (or collections) available
|> in the network?
|> -Michael Zhang
|>  mzhang at

Prosite, a database containing over 600 characterized sequence motifs
can be found here at the National Center for Biotech Information (NCBI)
via anonymous ftp (   Look in the /repository/prosite 
subdirectory once logged in.  For that matter, we make available most 
of the other molecular bio databases in /repository (i.e. Genbank,
Swissprot, yeast, enzyme, vector, etc).   

-- Hope you find what you're looking for...

Todd Lowe
Basic Research Branch, NCBI
Nat. Library of Medicine, NIH
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