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In <9207311454.AA09537 at genbank.bio.net> ray at le.ac.uk ("Dr. R. Dalgleish")
> Has anybody any information about the database query program XQS? I believe
> that it is a UNIX replacement for the PSQ package from NBRF. Can anybody help
> with more info?

XQS was the "in-house" name of the PIR eXperimental Query System, that has
now been released as ATLAS for VAX/VMS and PC/MS-DOS systems.  A UNIX port
is "in development".  Both versions of the ATLAS program were published on
CD-ROM with release 33.0 of the PIR at the Protein Society meeting in San Diego
earlier this week.

We will be making a more complete announcement of PIR news, including the
ATLAS program, availability of the PIR CD-ROM and changes to the PIR Network
Server, on BIONEWS (bionet.general) and PROTEINS (bionet.molbio.proteins)
on Monday, 3 August.
                                 Dr. John S. Garavelli
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