Protein Data Bank (?)

Mike Haker haker at
Sun Jul 12 19:03:35 EST 1992

Several Years ago I worked as an undergraduate hourly in an x-ray
crystallography lab at the University of Wisconsin.  During that time I spent 
a fair amount of time working with segments of DNA which were stored in
a format which I believe was called pdb for ProteinDataBank (ProteinDataBase).
I am under the impression that there is a central repository for proteins
mRNA's, and DNA segments stored in this format.  The format not only gives the
sequence but also the 3 dimensional structure of the molecule.

If anyone out there can help me track down this database or any other 
database of the 3 dimensional structure of specific proteins, mRNA's
or DNA segments I would be very grateful.

Mike Haker
Department of Anthropology
University of Wisconsin Madison
Madison, WI 53706
haker at

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