HELP with odd DNA/protein derivatives

Tue May 26 09:02:36 EST 1992

In article <78798 at>, bill at (Bill Tozier) writes...

>  Basically, these molecules are of the class of
>highly derivatized DNA and protein polymers,
>including cross-linked chains, folded DNA/protein
>covalently bound to one another, and other derivatives
>of biopolymers which aren't biologically
>feasible--that is, which don't really
>occur within organisms.
>  Of course, any direct sources of information
>along these lines would be even better-appreciated.

CAS ( Chemical Abstracts Service) doesn't place heavy emphasis on the
distinction between naturally occurring and modified compounds.A lot
of their customers seem to be drug companies, and we frequently
bring up *very* modified compounds on our searches. For amino
acids, at least, they have 2 classes that describe these molecules:
"unusual amino acids" and "modified amino acids". CAS also has a help
line that can help you formulate a search.> 

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