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knight at (John  Boswell) writes:
>Could someone in the field please recommend some good texts/references
>on protein purification protocols?  I have about 15 liters of media from
>cell culture, and I need to isolate and purify an expressed protein from
>this.  I can detect the protein via Western blot, and I also have an
>activity assay.  What I need are good ways to start to purify the
>i.e. protocols for salt-pption., gel-filtration, and other
>maybe elution via an ethylene glycol gradient.  I don't have much
>with protein purification past a short course I took a bunch of years ago
>in graduate school.  Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly
>appreciated!  I'm off to look in the library now... :):)
>-John Boswell, Ph.D.
>Dept. of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology
>Oregon Graduate Institute
>Portland, OR  97229
>(knight at

I've found the following book to be an excellent reference source for most
modern methods of protein purification. It covers the major techniques and
has good discussion of the theoretical basis of the various
chromatographic and electrophoretic methods:

Protein Purification:  Principles, High Resolution Methods, Applications
ed. Jan-Christer Janson and Lars Ryden
VCH Publishers Inc, NY, NY 10010
ISBN 0-89573-122-3, published 1989

The book is a little sparse on simplified protocols, which conveniently,
the next two references (in the IRL Practical Approach series) supply:  

Protein Purification Methods:  A Practical Approach
ed. E.L.V. Harris and S. Angal
IRL Press
ISBN 0-19-963003-8 (softcover), 1989

Protein Purification Applications:  A Practical Approach
ed. E.L.V. Harris and S. Angal
IRL Press
ISBN 0-19-963023-2 (softcover), 1989

Hope this helps.

Dr. Song Tan
Inst fur Molekularbiologie und Biophysik
8093 Zurich, Switzerland
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