Glycoprotein Stains

Thu Jul 1 21:26:00 EST 1993

Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1993 07:16 CST
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Subject: Re: glycoprotein stains
To: quinones at

I responded to a query that I think was posted in this net group
(I could be wrong), but my response was "returned to sender" ...
so I'm re-posting my reply here. Hopefully "quinones at" will
catch it.

The original sender was asking for info on how to correlate the PAGE gel
glycoprotein stained bands (wet gel) to those of the same gel subsequently 
stained with CB (dried gel). 

One potential solution to your problem would be to run PRE-STAINED SDS-
PAGE STANDARDS on your gels. We commonly do this as a reference mark, pre-
and post gel hydration (drying). By creating a log Mr vs Rf plot for the 
standards in the wet and dry gel, we can assess the Mr of our unknowns in
both gels, respectively. By comparing Mr values we can better objectively
say that band A of Z Mr in the wet gel is the same band A of Z' Mr in the 
dried gel (or immunoblot !!!). 

WE routinely use the pre-stained standards distributed by Bio-Rad
(Hercules, CA), but those of BRL/Life Technologies are just as good. We
recommend staying away from SIGMA ... we order alot of stuff from them, 
but their MW standards ARE NOT one of them.
		Good Luck	

Christopher M. Smith
Department of Biochemistry
University of NEbraska-Lincoln
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68583-0718

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