Protein Purification Protocols

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I would recommend the volume 182 of Methods in Enzymology 1990
"Guide to protein purification" Ed. MP Deutscher
Good luck.
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        I posted a similar request on another group, then found this one :)
Could someone in the field please recommend some good texts/references
on protein purification protocols?  I have about 15 liters of media from
cell culture, and I need to isolate and purify an expressed protein from
this.  I can detect the protein via Western blot, and I also have an
activity assay.  What I need are good ways to start to purify the protein,
i.e. protocols for salt-pption., gel-filtration, and other chromatography;
maybe elution via an ethylene glycol gradient.  I don't have much experience
with protein purification past a short course I took a bunch of years ago
in graduate school.  Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly
appreciated!  I'm off to look in the library now... :):)
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