glycoprotein stains

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Fri Jul 2 08:31:09 EST 1993

I also had trouble reaching the original poster...

Can you put a standard glycoprotein on your gel, then use it to calculate
the Rm (relative molbility) for the band of interest?

Alternatively, make a photocopy of the shrunken gel (yep, right
there on the xerox machine -- I use clear polystyrene boxes and
shoot through the box bottom), then fuss around with the enlarging
system on the photocopier until you get a copy that matches the
size of the rehydrated gel.  Then you can do a direct comparison.

Or put your photographic negative in an enlarger, and project onto
your other photo.  Adjust size of image until you can do a direct

Kay Klier  Biology Dept  UNI

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