Request for Info on Force Field assisted Particle Recognition

Mark Bower markb at
Sun Jul 11 10:05:03 EST 1993

In article <9307091747.AA28395 at>
Mark Klamerus writes:

>I was looking to do my paper/thesis
>on the information processing aspects of pattern/particle
>recognition of molecules (real or otherwise) assisted by force
>fields (the way protein recognize each other and form mosaics).

Tom Schneider from NIH is working on the information content required for
protein binding/recognition. You might want to check out the
theory FAQ at the anonymous ftp archive in pub/delila. They have
an extensive bibliography which will surely contain something of interest.
This work is not explicity force-field related, but the problem is the same.
You might want to subscribe to as well.

Regards, Mark.

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