coordinates for CCP+ cyto C (was Re: searching_PDB_files)

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Mon Jul 12 14:47:08 EST 1993

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>>I am searching for the coordinates of crystal structure of cytochrome c
>>peroxidase and cytochrome c complexes. If someone knows the PDB file names
>>for those coordinates in Protein Data Bank, or someone has those files,   
>>would you please let me know, or send me a copy of the files if convenient.
> There are structures of complexes between yeast cytochrome C peroxidase 
> and two different cytochrome C's.  One structure is a complex with horse 
> heart cytochrome C (code: 1PCB) and the other is a complex with yeast 
> iso-1-cytochrome C (code: 1PCC).  Both structures are present in the listing 
> of prerelease coordinates, but the coordinates are not yet available on the 
> Brookhaven computer.

The actual identities for these structures are 2pcb,2pcc and they can be 
obtained by ftp from the brookhaven bank ( and they can be
found in fullrelease/uncompressed_files/tape3 with the names pdb2pcc.ent
and pdb2pcb.ent

Hope this helps!

Jonathan Parrish 
Department of Biochemistry
Dalhousie University
Halifax, N.S.

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