Pre-stained protein markers

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Tue Jul 20 14:36:05 EST 1993

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>We need a procedure for "pre-staining" proteins to run on SDS-PAGE so that the
> markers are visible on the gel while its running.  BioRad sells such markers
>but they're very pricy.
>Thanks in advance!
>Paul bucciaglia
>U of MN Hort Dept.
I too have been wanting to make my own pre-stained markers. I saw that 
Stratagene use Uni-Blue A (Sigma and relatively cheap). I also just saw a 
protocol in June Biotechniques pp 925-930 for blotting stained proteins to
transparencies. The authors pre-stained proteins with various dyes (including
UniBlue) by  conjugating BSA, 100mg, in 0.1M sodium borate buffer 9ml, pH9.0,
stirring at room temp. for 2 hours. Dialyse the conjugate against water 2 x
4 litres fro 48 hours. This should work for any protein, however one must 
calibrate against known standards.

Good luck.


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