how do we access protein database?

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You wrote:

>We would like to compare 6 decapeptide sequences to which we have antibodies,
>to known protein amino acid sequences from a data base, but we haven't done it
>before and don't know how to access a database such as Protein Data Base or
>Gopher.  Could someone help?  We are on a pc hooked up to a university VAX and
>are used to using internet.

>Thanks,  Darrell and Jacqui

Sounds like you want to send your sequences to an appropriate fileserver for
similarity searching if do not have suitable software (such as the GCG package)
on your VAX or something similar on your PC. Judging by your address, the 
nearest server to you is

fileserv at

to which you should send a one-line message containing the word 'help' in the
body of the message, to receive further details by e-mail. If you need more
information, see the excellent article by Steven Heinkoff in the Computer
Corner section of the July 1993 issue of Trends in Biochemical Sciences.

All the best,

Andrew Wallace
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