Staining Westerns with Ponceau S

John Boswell knight at
Fri Jul 30 15:12:18 EST 1993

	I'd like to switch to Ponceau S for staining Western Blots (on
PVDF membranes), but I don't know the proper concentration/solvent.  I
currently use Coommassie Blue, but it takes to long to destain.  I've used
Ponceau before, but I can't remember the concentration.  I tried 0.1 and 0.5%
w/v in 5% acetic acid, but this was just not sensitive at all (only a few
bands showed up, and faintly).  When I destained the membrane and restained
with coommassie, all my bands showed up nice and dark.  Is ponceau inherently
less sensitive than coommassie, or do I need to up the ponceau concentration/
staining times considerable?    Thanks a bunch to anyone that can help me :)

John Boswell

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