K00L Internation Numbers

James Petts pettsj at visigoth.demon.co.uk
Fri Jul 30 11:18:38 EST 1993

In article <CAyEDu.1rI at acsu.buffalo.edu>, camcb at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu (Chris
Baumann) wrote:

> This is not the place for garbage like this.  It is disgusting and completly 
> uncalled for.  Isn't there any way to screen out comments like these from
> individuals such as this???

Nor are the several hundred other groups he has posted similar messages to,
using differenr accounts. Apparently he has lost most of these accounts
recently due to the *LARGE* number of complaints being sent to postmaster
at his hosts. If this stuff reappears, I urge you to make the same
complaints to "postmaster at his.node"

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