tritium scanners

Ruud Ruud
Thu Mar 4 13:52:11 EST 1993

Hai netters,

I have a tritium labeled protein in (dried) SDS-PAGE gels
and I want to determine where and how much radioactivity is present in
the gels.
I tried slicing up the gels and dissolving them with H2O2, but that is
very time consuming.
Autoradiography takes weeks; perhaps anyone has a clue how to make this 
more sensitive ?
What seems to work is a gas flow proportional counter from Berthold.
Unluckily the very sensitive storage cristals used in the phosphoimager
of Molecular Dynamics is not sensitive for the radiation of tritium.
The crystals of Fuij, I was told, can only be used once and are rather 

Does anybody know of a sensitive and reliable method to quantitatively
determine radioactivity in gels ?

Please let me know .  All hints are appriciated !


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