hGH(Human Growth Hormone)

Partha Roy et240 Fall91 roy at chargers.ent.ohiou.edu
Tue Mar 30 10:11:20 EST 1993

I am a graduate student in Mech.Engg in Ohio University,Athens.I am
doing research in Bio-molecular Engg. We are trying to predict the 
secondary structure of proteins through Artificial Intelligence
(Neural Networks) techniques and molecular modelling of them in our
Intergraph CAD workstation.We have successfully predicted the secon
-dary structures of about 30 proteins and done molecular modelling
of Bovine Growth Hormones(bGH),which was a joint venture of Edison
Biotech Lab. and Mech.Engg. Department.
Now we are trying to improve our prediction technique further by tr
-aining the Fuzzy Art Map network.We also look forward to do molec-
ular modelling of Human Growth Hormone(hGH) and change the configu-
ration by breaking helix and replacing the residues.
So,I badly need more informations about hGH. I was trying to get it
from Protein Data Bank.But I could not find anything till now. 
I will be glad if anyone can send me the hgh.pdb file from Protein
Data Bank which will be really helpful in our research.
    Looking forward to prompt responses.
    	     					-Partha Roy

  Email: roy at bobcat.ent.ohiou.edu
  Phone: (614)-594-5834

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