conserved amino acid changes

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these are the references i have regarding conservative amino acid
these methods are based upon chemical functionality:

Karlin, S., and Ghandour, G., (1985). Multiple!alphabet amino acid
sequence comparison of the immunoglobulin k!chain constant domain.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of
America. 82, 8597-8601.

amino acid classes:
chemical: acidic (DE), aliphatic (AGILV), amide (NQ), aromatic (FWY),
basic (RHK), hydroxyl (ST), imino (P), sulfur (CM);

functional: acidic, basic, hydrophobic (AILMFPWV), polar (NCQGSTY);

charge: acidic, basic, neutral;

structural: ambivalent (ACGPSTWY), external (RNDQEHK), internal (ILMFV)

the following paper created Venn diagrams of the different amino acids.
This reflects the
the overlapping relationships that exist between different amino acid

Taylor, W. R., (1986). The classification of amino acid conservation.
Journal of Theoretical Biology. 119, 205-218.
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