Enzymes as mechanical devices

nvett at ac.dal.ca nvett at ac.dal.ca
Fri May 21 08:18:52 EST 1993

Yes response to the discussion appears to be slow. I like prof. William's 
analogy to the hand in glove while illustrating the "enzymes as mechanical
devices" concept.  I have a problem, however, in picturing the enzyme
as a mechanical device--I mean it is difficult to envision something like
a robot moving its "arms".  I hope that everyone understands what I am
trying to project here.  It is here that I would like more input as to
what people think.  I like to picture an enzyme molecule as a very 
dynamic system that undergoes conformational changes during the catalytic
process but not as a rigid mechanical device.  Anyway, I shall wait
a little while yet for more input.  I would like to hear from Prof. Williams
on this.  Cheers, Nat.
In article <1993May20.204612.14206 at vax.oxford.ac.uk>, dnicker at vax.oxford.ac.uk writes:
> In article <1993May12.105040.13658 at ac.dal.ca>, nvett at ac.dal.ca writes:
>> Hi all,
>> 	I was wondering what everyone out there thinks about the recent article 
>> by R.J.P.Williams (TIBS, April 1993) on enzymes as mechanical devices.  I did
>> not think that it was an entirely new concept, especially for people who 
>> appreciate protein structure, but I think it is a very elegant elaboration
>> of the conformational changes on an enzyme molecule during catalysis.  I would
>> like to initiate a discussion on this if anyone is interested--to get a general
>> idea of what you people think.  Thanks a lot. 
>> Nat Vettakkorumakankav
>> Department of Biochemistry
> Hi there Nat, 
> Is seems response is a bit slow in coming on your proposed discussion. . . if
> there seems to be interest I have spoken to RJP Williams and he would be
> interested in participating.  Guess we'll wait a few more days eh?  :)
> 							Darren Nickerson
> 							A Canadian in the UK

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