protein stability in solution ?

Ed Stokes ebstokes at
Thu May 27 14:33:53 EST 1993


	I am a physicist involved in development of fiber optic
chemical sensors. Part of our work involves using a coating of
IgG antibodies on the end of the optical fiber to enhance the
selectivity of the probe to particular antigens.

	My current task is to investigate the luminescence
properties of antibodies in solution in the presence (and
absence) of antigen. I am looking at native fluorescence
only, no tags (so far).

	The hapten of interest is chlorobiphenyl (antibodies
were raised in rabbits to a chlorobiphenyl-tagged-protein
antigen). Since chlorobiphenyl is not particularly water
soluble, we are using an 80% PBS/20% methanol solution
as the media for our measurements.

	I observed visible precipitation of the IgG in higher
concentrations of methanol (~50%), but no visible IgG
precipitation in the 20% methanol solution.

	Does anyone have a feeling for how stable the IgG
should be over time in an 80% PBS/20% Methanol solution ?
Just because I don't see precipitation, does that necessarily
mean that the IgG in solution is not denatured ?

	I would like to exchange ideas with molecular
biologists on these and related topics.

				Ed Stokes
				ebstokes at

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