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MJ Duggan sgex400 at
Tue Nov 2 07:38:59 EST 1993

The question (see below) was about how to do database searches if you
haven't doenthem before. I was in this situation a few months ago, and rather
than fuss around finding someone with the program and database locally
I used the email servers available by Internet. Either Blitz at EMBL or 
Blast at NCBI are very good and very easy to use. There was a good article
in the Computer Corner bit of TIBS about 6 Months ago, that has all the

> In article <93294.143248AXC19 at>, AXC19 at wrote:
> > 
> > I need some guidance on what and where or who to go to ...I finally got the ami
> > no acid sequence of a protein of interest...Now, how can I do an aminoacid comp
> > arison to other proteins and figure out if it has already been isolated.  Any h
> > elp will be appreciated.
> >                          Thanks,
> >                          Aida Cancel
> >                           axc19 at
> Well, first of all you need access to the various protein databases that
> are out there.  Second, you need a program that can access the files in
> those databases and search them for the sequence(s) you want to look for. 
> Since you're at PSU, you may already have such a capacity in your
> department, if not next door (isn't there a big biotech center there?). 
> Ask around there for freebie help.
> You may be able to find all the free software you need via the multitude of
> gopher servers on the Net.  Try them also.
> You can buy both databases and sequence analysis programs from Gentics
> Computer Group, Inc. (GCG) Telephone: 608-231-5200; E-mail: Help at 
> Intelligenetics also sells the stuff (I forget the phone #, but they
> advertise alot).
> Good luck,
> Duke

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