mutator strain or plasmid

David Nunn David_Nunn at
Sat Nov 6 13:25:22 EST 1993

Does anyone have a favorite mutator strain of E. coli or mutator plasmid
that they have used successfully for random mutagenesis?

 I'd prefer a strain or compatible plasmid in which I could mutagenize
sequences cloned in a broad host range plasmid (IncP1) and then be able to
mobilize directly out of the strain into Pseudomonas (EC strain must be
Tc-sensitive and auxotrophic) 

 I've got either a bum strain of EC LE30 (mutD) or it just isn't doing the
trick (mutagenesis-wise). I've been good and kept it on minimal media-only
one transfer since receiving it-but it still is not working. Maybe just
need a new strain?

Any suggestions?

David Nunn
Department of Microbiology
University of Illinois
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 333-6131

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