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> > I am trying to track down a package that will draw protein ribbons with
> > arrows for beta sheet and cylinders for alpha helices. someone in my
> > lab mentioned "MOLSCRIPT" but apart from that I can't find anything to
> > give me the sort of pictures I want.
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> > Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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> > ....David Martin
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> Are you looking for programs which produce printed outputs of
> ribbon drawings or programs which display such diagrams on
> computer graphics?
> 	MOLSCRIPT is a gook program to produce black and white
> outputs (color is available).
> Some other programs which make ribbon drawings
> MIDAS  ribbons and space filling diagrams and much more
> 	               for computer graphics
> INSIGHT  a commercial package for graphics, pretty expensive
> If you are interested in any of these I can post the Email
> addresses where you can obtain them.
> 					            Kristin

I have received several requests to post the ways of obtaining
ribbon drawing programs, so here is the info I have:

		Ref:  J. Appl. Cryst. (1991)  24, 946-950.
	Can be obtained from the author Dr. Per J. Kraulis at
		Dept. of Biochemistry
		University of Cambridge
		Tennis Court Road
		Cambridge  CB2 1 QW

		Ref:  J. Mol. Graphics 6, 13-27 (1988).
	This was developed by the Computer Graphics Laboratory
	at UCSF, and is available from them at:
		Computer Graphics Laboratory
		School of Pharmacy
		University of California, San Francisco

		a commercial package available from
		BIOSYM Technologies, Inc.
		Eastern Regional Office
		4 Century Drive
		Parsippany, NJ  07054

		written by Mike Carson
		Email:  carson at
			carson at uabcmc.bitnet

	Good luck.


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