Architectural protein drawings

Kristin M. Fox fox at
Fri Nov 12 07:53:34 EST 1993

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> I am trying to track down a package that will draw protein ribbons with
> arrows for beta sheet and cylinders for alpha helices. someone in my
> lab mentioned "MOLSCRIPT" but apart from that I can't find anything to
> give me the sort of pictures I want.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> ....David Martin
> dmartin at

Are you looking for programs which produce printed outputs of
ribbon drawings or programs which display such diagrams on
computer graphics?
	MOLSCRIPT is a gook program to produce black and white
outputs (color is available).
Some other programs which make ribbon drawings
MIDAS  ribbons and space filling diagrams and much more
	               for computer graphics
INSIGHT  a commercial package for graphics, pretty expensive

If you are interested in any of these I can post the Email
addresses where you can obtain them.


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