pI of TGF-beta

Joe Mack mack at fcs260c.ncifcrf.gov
Fri Nov 19 18:16:49 EST 1993

In article <3559 at rc1.vub.ac.be> pjdebles at vub.vub.ac.be (Pieter De Bleser) writes:
>Dear bionetters,
>Does anyone know the pI of TGF-beta, or has a pointer to where I can
>find this data?
>Pieter De Bleser                                           
>Laboratory for Cell Biology and Histology,
>Free University of Brussels, 
>Laarbeeklaan 103, B -1090 Brussels, Belgium
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Find a place that has the GCG set of programs and databases. Get an account.
Findout about all the neat programs thay have for protein peopple and molecular
biologists. Use the program "ISOELECTRIC".
Joseph Mack
mack at ncifcrf.gov

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