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Subject: Electroelution & Silver-Staining

Q1. Can anyone tell me how to electroelute a protein ( MW 146 kDa,) from a urea 
gel ( 8M?) I've tried the usual electroelution methods with no success.

Q2. The quickest silver staining method I know is the one by Heukeshoven and 
Dernick, 1985, electrophoresis 6:103.) I did try a rapid stain from Biorad but 
this method was not as good as the one by H&D. Can anyone recommend 

Please reply to : smyth at, because I don't have access to USENET/BIONET


Martin G. Smyth

Martin G. Smyth
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Many thanks,

Paul Gunning
Physics Department
University of Essex
Colchester CO4 3SQ

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