help: want an advice

Mark Bower markb at
Tue Nov 30 15:46:52 EST 1993

Seongbin Park asked:
> Could anyone suggest me any references or books through which I can get 
>some basic knowledge on the proteins ?  

I second Keith Robison's reference for Branden and Tooze. I'm a EE/Math guy
and this book was a _super_ introduction to a broad range of protein structures
for me. Another excellent book is _Structures_of_Organic_Molecules_ by Norman
Allinger. This guy is great for we non-chemists! Very straight-forward, useful
descriptions of basic, organic mechanisms. If you want info on what proteins
do, try _Molecular_Biology_of_the_Cell_ and _Molecular_Biology_of_the_Gene_,
both by Thomas Watson, et al. These are some THICK reading, though.

Let me know what else you find.


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