Re-constituted mitochondrial proteins?

Fergus Doherty mbxfd at
Wed Sep 15 03:51:30 EST 1993

I would like to re-constitute pure mitochondrial proteins into phospholipid
vesicles.  Why?  Because I want to see what effect treating such vesicles
with reticulocyte 15-lipoxygenase has.  This enzyme oxygenates linoleic
acid in phopspholipids and could lead to free-radical damage to membrane
proteins.  This in turn could lead to proteolysis and is the proposed
mechanism for maturational loss of mitochondria from reticulocytes.

So, any suggestions for candidate mito proteins?  I have already chosed
cytochrome c oxidase, but are there others that are readily avaialble 
(preferably commercially, unless you're offering!) that can be implanted
into phospholipid vesicles and are active?  The simpler the protein the
better (cyt oxidase is in truth rather a complex multisubunit protein, but

Any advice, suggestions gratefully received.

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