FPLC systems

fleming at guvax.acc.georgetown.edu fleming at guvax.acc.georgetown.edu
Mon Jan 17 08:51:53 EST 1994

The lab I came from had the Waters 650 system for the last 2-3y. I 
found the programming to be much easier than the FPLC I now have to 
work with. If I was buying I would opt for the Waters 650, but with a 
more 'FPLC like' injection port -the waters has a leur lock fitting 
which is very poor if using/loading less than 200uL. Having said that 
we did run almost entirely with pharmacia columns -just made some 
little plastic/teflon adaptors (all the parts needed came with the 
waters machine). The tunable detectors (std with the waters) is far 
superior to the single wavelength pharm -sensitivity, offset etc. Also 
our dept service tech was full of praise for the mechanics of the 
waters pumping system, but only luke warm on the FPLC.
Good luck. Whatever you get the FPLC columns are really the std.

Rob Powell                         rpowel02 at gumedlib.dml.georgetown.edu
Dept of Bioc & Mol Biol              
Georgetown, Uni    

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