neurosecretory protein isolation

Chiou-Miin Wang chiou-miin_wang at
Thu Jan 20 15:41:49 EST 1994


My name is Chiou-Miin Wang and I am writing to request any protocols that
would help me isolate a very rare protein from the nervous system of the
tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta.   I have a monoclonal antibody (P1F10)
which recognizes a single pair of cells in each ganglion from late embryo
throughout the adult stage. From the dendrite pattern and cell type, they
look like neurosecretory cells. The P1F10 antigen could be their secretory
product.  I have tried to brute-force purify the protein by dissecting 1000
nervous systems and attempted affinity chromatography with the monoclonal
antibody and have gotten ambiguous results to say the least.  Are there any
expression cDNA library procedures that anyone could recommend to me?  Are
there any other methods I should look into?  


Chiou-Miin Wang
Dept. Entomology
University of Illinois
chiou-miin_wang at

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