P.C.K.Lau address

FJ van der Wal vdwal at bio.vu.nl
Mon Jan 24 07:27:46 EST 1994

Hi, I'm looking for the e-mail address of R.L.Somorjai. He's co-writer of
"Distinctive properties of signal sequences from bacterial lipoproteins"
(1988) in Prot.Eng 2 pp15-20. I'd like to correspond with him about some of
the signal peptides compared with each other in that article, especially
about the Lysis Protein Signal Peptides. Coulds somebody give me his e-mail

Fimme Jan van der Wal
dep. Molecular Microbiology
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
de Boelelaan 1087
1081 HV Amsterdam, NL
vdwal at bio.vu.nl

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