MOWSE, molec. mass search

L.H. Bell lhb at
Tue Jan 25 09:47:13 EST 1994

In article <2i354g$3h6 at>, fopperdo at (F.R. OPPERDOES) writes:
|> I would like to know whether the molecular weight search peptide mass database (
|> MOWSE) is available or can be accessed via the internet?
|> Fred Opperdoes
|> ICP-TROP Brussels

Search queries should be mailed to mowse at (short form
mowse at Search results will be returned directly to your
e_mail address. Comments, please, to mbdpn at

        	D.J.C. Pappin, P. Hojrup and A.J. Bleasby
		'Rapid Identification of Proteins by
		Peptide-Mass Fingerprinting'.
       	 	Current Biology (1993), vol 3, 327-332.

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