BAC acrylamide

Tue Jan 25 19:09:43 EST 1994

>I am cleaving a radioactive protein of 67 kD into two large fragments.  I 
>then separate the fragments from the parent protein by SDS-PAGE.  I would like
>to get an accurate count of the radioactive fragments from slices that are 
>excised from the gel.  Is there a way to dissolve the gel and make the 
>counts fully available to a liquid scintillation cocktail?
>Or is there some other trick that can be used to get the same result?

Look into "BAC Acrylamide" (I think BioRad has it); this type of acrylamide 
has a disulphide bond in it and once you've cut out the band you can
dissolve away the acrylamide with BME or DTT...

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